My Gift Network Pricing

My Gift Network is 100% Free, and we are proponents of privacy, so we do not collect or sell your email to anyone for any reason, and we have no intentions of making it a paid app in the future. If costs become an issue, we may start applying advertising somewhere, but we will try and refrain from that so long as we are not loosing money. However, in the near future and with version 2.0 we intend to add affiliate links which simply means that we might make commission from any purchases you made from MyGiftNetwork. This will not change the price of any of your sales. The store in which you purchased a gift would give us a small fraction of the purchases you made from the site. With that being said, we appreciate you using the links on My Gift Network to make your purchase. Thank you for giving My Gift Network a chance, there is munch more to come in the next version (Launch date TBD).


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