My Gift Network is absolutely free, and it always will be. Until we can generate a
revenue stream, we are accepting donations of any amount to help cover overhead costs (ie Server/hosting).

If you notice something that is not working correctly, please let us know via email at We will be opening up the Git repo for official bug reports soon.

If you are experiencing issues logging in or getting something to work. We suggest you use
Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera browsers. If you are experiencing login issues with the one click Google signup/login. Make sure you are using Chrome. There is currently a bug with Google authentication and Firefox. If you are using Chrome please try refreshing your page.
If the problem persists, please sign up via the old fashion email and password method, but let us know by emailing

Yes! And we encourage you to add images and external links to your gifts so that people know how to purchase your gift. You want to make it as easy as possible for someone to find your gift.



Watch the video below to learn the basics of MGN