My Gift Network (MGN) is a simple gift wishlist—creation web application.  The idea is to be able to share your list with your friends and family so that they can easily find the gifts that you want, and for you to be able to find gifts that they want.

The app was built and is maintained by a developer that yearned for a way to make holiday and birthday shopping easier, and this is the beginning of that journey.  MGN is still in its infancy, and we plan to be adding new features in the future. For example, we are currently trying to find an easier way to add gifts (without having to fill out a form every time), but the complexity of that comes when you have people that want to use many different types of stores/websites. So we’re thinking to start with Amazon (since it’s the biggest online store), and plan to add more depending on the popularity.

The app is maintained on nights and weekends, and by no means draws a profit. So your patience on feature requests and communication is greatly appreciated. Nevertheless, we promise to respond to all inquires, it just might take a day or two.

When you sign up, you might notice that there aren’t many users, we hope that changes, and would love it if you could help spread the word. The goal is to make this a community driven application, where we build out features that you (our awesome users) want the most. If you think of any ideas, we highly encourage you to reach out to us at  We also have a feedback form which we would love to have you fill out (it should only take you five minutes or so). There is also a video that you can watch to help you do things like adding/editing gifts, following users, sharing your profile, etc.

Building this app has become a labor of love. We hope with it’s simplicity in both functionality and aesthetics while keeping performance as a top priority, we hope that we, along with you, can build a product that greatly improves your life of giving and receiving gifts. I appreciate you giving MGN a try, and be sure to email me directly if you have any questions or concerns.



Percussionist, Web & Mobile Application Developer & Co-Founder of Harpua, LLC.


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