My Gift Network is a Progressive Web App (PWA) in the making. In short, this means that the app is NOT available in the app store, rather, it’s available via your web browser (ie Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, etc), but being a PWA means that it can do similar things that a native iOS or Android app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play can do.

PWA’s are becoming increasingly common for smaller development teams. Here at MGN we are going to try and bring you some of those common native features via PWA best practices. One of them is adding the icon to your mobile device’s home screen, which I’m going to show you now.



1. Click on from your mobile device and click on the share looking icon at the bottom.

add to home screen

2. Swipe/scroll to the right on your iPhone and click on “Add to Home Screen”.


3. Lastly, click “Add” in the top right corner.

icon on home screen

4. Now you will be able to open the app by clicking on the elephant icon on your iPhone.


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