How it works

It's like a semi-public wishlist of the gifts you want. You use your favorite online stores to create cards of the gifts you want; Share your profile URL with your loved ones', and they'll know where to find your gifts. And if they do the same, you'll know what to get them for every birthday, holiday, or just because!

1. Signup

You first need to signup/create an account. It's free and it always will be.

2. Create Gifts

Use your favorite online stores to create a list of the gifts you want.

3. Share Profile

Share your profile URL with your loved ones so they know what you want, and tell them to follow you :)

Have more questions?

Need help creating your personal wishlist? You can watch a video of how to do things like add an image url to your gift, follow a user and more.

We also recommend that you follow our blog as we’ll be updating you on the release of features and tutorials to make your personal wishlist easier to manage. We’ll also post helpful tips on similar Internet Of Things (IOT).

my gift network wishlist app

What people are saying



Graphic Designer

"Finally, a simple app that allows me to find what my brother actually wants."



Independent Artist

"Being in New York, my Mom never knows what I want, now she will!"




"Great start, I can't wait to see what else you add."


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